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Stuck Inside? Try These 8 Fun Indoor Toddler Games

While cabin fever may not be diagnosable medical condition, every parent of toddlers understands that it’s a very real issue. Ideally each day would allow for safe and fun outdoor play time, but let’s be honest – parenting is rarely ideal. When young children don’t have an opportunity to get their heart rates up and get their boundless energy out, the clouds can move into our homes in the form of all around crabbiness. The best arsenal against the bad-weather blues is to have a few fun indoor toddler games in your back pocket. This way when the hide and seek grows wearisome and the TV needs a break, you’ll be all set to spend some time burning energy and connecting with your precious little people. Keep reading to learn eight fun indoor toddler games!

Freeze Dance Party

Got a playlist? You’ve got an energy-burning activity your toddlers are sure to love. Pause each song randomly to keep them on their toes while you teach them how to moonwalk, two-step, and move to the music.

Create a Quick Obstacle Course

Get your kiddos moving by whipping up a quick obstacle course using pillows as “hopping stones” and your broom as a river to jump over. Break out a few folding chairs to crawl beneath and throw in a few jumping jacks for good measure. Use your imagination and don’t worry about how it looks as you’ll be tearing it all down before supper.

Break Out the Blocks

Do you have any backup blocks in the storage room? Now’s the time to break them out. Nothing busts boredom like a newly introduced toy. Take turns seeing who can build the tallest tower or the most imaginative animal, and snap pics of each creation.

Fort-ify Your Kitchen Table

Every kid should build a kitchen table fort at least once, which is why this classic activity demands a spot on your short list of fun indoor toddler games. Unlike living room forts, your kitchen table provides all needed support so all you need to do is add every pillow and blanket you own (your toddler will insist) and in minutes you’ll be swept from your home into a magical blanket land where anything can happen.

Indoor Hopscotch

If you have some washi tape or masking tape on hand, you have everything you need to create an indoor hopscotch game. Start with with boxes in a row boxes (1-3) then throw in a side by side combo (boxes 4-5.) Keep mixing this pattern until you’re finished and then end with a “home” box or semi-circle. Grab a beanbag or a coin for your marker and show your kids how to get hopping.

Bathtub Car Wash

Your bathtub is an often overlooked spot for fun indoor toddler games. If you’re up for a little water mess, haul your toddler’s cars and play vehicles to the bathtub for a mini car wash. Toddlers love spray bottles, so fill up some clean and toxin-free spray bottles with warm water and say goodbye to boredom as well as dirty cars.

Pack An Indoor Picnic

Break up the monotony of lunchtime by inviting your toddler to help you put together an indoor picnic. Lay out some easy clean-up foods such as raisins, pretzels and turkey sandwiches and grab something to use as a makeshift picnic basket. Hike over to your living room and spread out a washable blanket. While you’re eating, talk with your child about the pretend park you’re enjoying. What kind of trees do you see? What color are the birds?

Vet Clinic

If you have stuffed animals and bandaids on hand, why not invite your child to set up a pretend vet clinic in your living room? Talk to your child about the “owies” each animal has and how they got hurt, then hug them and help them feel all better. Don’t forget to add bandaids to your grocery list, as this activity will deplete your stash considerably.

What are your favorite indoor toddler games? Incorporate your own into this list, and don’t forget to have fun!


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash