Staycation Ideas for Spring Break on a Budget

With each season of our lives comes different opportunities for vacations and travel. It’s not always feasible to drop your kids off with Grandma and head to an all-inclusive or book airfare for a family trip out West. There are seasons where budget or family constraints leave short road trips and staycations as the only choices left on the list.

Thankfully scheduling a staycation still leaves you with a long list of fun options, both for yourself and your family. To help you plan your week, our writers have come up with 9 budget-friendly ideas that will have you feeling relaxed and having fun on your spring break staycation.

9 Staycation Ideas for Your Family

Take A Day Trip

Just because you’ve declared a staycation, doesn’t mean you can’t leave town a little bit. Pick a nearby town, museum or park to visit as a family and make a day trip of it. While you’re there, stop in to the area’s highest rated-restaurant to see what all the fuss is about.

Go Backyard Camping

Dust off your tent and try camping in your own backyard. Your kids will enjoy the novelty of the experience. Play cards at a picnic table in the backyard and roast hot dogs over a campfire for dinner if your neighborhood allows it.

DIY Spa Day

Just because you can’t afford a day at the spa doesn’t mean you can’t have an afternoon of relaxation and pampering. Put a movie in for the kids or send them to the neighbors while you make use of your favorite aromatherapy products and fanciest candles. Treat yourself to a new facial mask or splurge on a new shade of nail polish. Self care is a must for moms during spring break so put this one on the top of your list.

Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn, grab some juice boxes and enjoy a few of your favorites as a family. Try a Toy Story Marathon or a few days of Harry Potter if you’re up for the challenge. Have fidgety kids? Put out some exercise balls, legos or coloring sheets that they can engage with while you enjoy your movie selection.

Be a Tourist In Your Own Hometown

What’s the one thing people want to check out when they visit your city? When’s the last time you’ve experienced it for yourself? Challenge your family to play tourist right where you live and see what you may have been missing.


Have you ever tried Geocaching with your kids? This fun and free activity allows you to see places of your community you may have never visited before all while learning about GPS and getting exercise. For more information check out

Book a Local Hotel

If spring break is still a bit chilly in your hometown, planning a one night stay at a local hotel with a pool may be just what you need to burn off some energy and get that spring break feeling. Order a pizza and have it delivered to your room, and watch your kids happily pass out in front of the TV with wet hair and huge smiles.

Babysitting Swap

Let’s face it, being at home with the kids on break can be overwhelming at times.Why not  organize a babysitting swap with a few other families in your community? Each family can plan a theme for their evening of childcare such as a game night, campfire, or capture the flag. Reconnect with your partner while your kids get some quality playtime with friends and neighbors.

A Few Pro-Tips

To get the most of your staycation experience, disconnect from the daily grind as much as possible. This involves not checking your email and stashing the cell phone for a while. As much as possible, plan for easy makes and delivery so you and your kids can return to your routine feeling refreshed and reconnected.


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