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Best Double Stroller: Top 4 Tandem vs Side-by-Side

When looking for the best double stroller, you’ll notice there are two options: tandem and side-by-side strollers. Not only do you have to decide which type to get, but you have to figure out which brand to buy. That’s why I’m here to help. I’ll explain the differences, then show you my top four favorites.

Tandem Double Stroller

  • Tandem strollers aren’t usually wider than a single stroller.
  • The back seat, typically reclines, while the child sitting up front can see more clearly.
  • It’s the perfect solution for someone in the city, since they can slip into elevators and through apartment doors.
  • Most models will have one seat that accommodates an infant car seat, making traveling much easier. These are perfect for those with an infant plus an older child.
  • They are very versatile. Its two child seating positions can face forward, toward each other, or facing the parent, and the entire seat, not just the seat back, is adjustable. There are  versions where a child can stand too.
  • Because tandem’s are longer, it’s harder to access the child in the front seat.
  • Most models do not have rear seats that fully recline.
  • The legroom is limited for the rear sitting child.
  • They are heavy and large when folded, making them tough to store.
  • The longer frame makes pushing it a challenge.

Side-by-Side Double Stroller

  • Side-by-side strollers are easier to push and maneuver.
  • These are obviously wider than tandem strollers because children are sitting beside each other. Typical dimensions are 49” x 32” x 40” (length, width, height).
  • The seats can recline but not all the way back.
  • Side-by-side’s are a must have if you have twins. This type of stroller puts your twins on a “equal” level. They can both see clearly and without an obstructed view.
  • Most side-by-side’s can’t accommodate infant car seats. You will have to transfer the kids from the car seat to the stroller, which can take up extra time.
  • These are generally meant for children of the same age, and operate best when they have kids riding that are the same weight.
  • They are usually lighter and much easier to store.

What now?

Both types of strollers can accommodate two children of at least 40 pounds. So weight shouldn’t be a consideration when deciding which kind of double stroller.

I bet you’ve never thought of buying your stroller online, but Amazon is a great place for this. First off, you’ll get the best price. Secondly, you’ll be able to see exactly what other parents are saying about the strollers. You can’t get reviews by going to a physical store.

I’ve gone through all the reviews and have narrowed it down to the best four options. By the end of this, you’ll know exactly which stroller to pick (based on your needs). Scroll to the bottom of this page if you want a short and sweet conclusion. If you’re looking for details (which I hope you are – I spent a long time wri7ing this guide), read what I have to say about each of the four strollers.

Rebecca’s Best Double Strollers For 2017

#1 – Contours Options Elite

  • There are seven ways to configure your seats and it accommodates up to two infant car seats.
  • It weighs about 40 lbs.
  • It folds easily with both seats on, auto locks, and stands on its own.
  • It handles bumps and cracks on the sidewalk with ease with the shock-absorbing rubber coated wheels.
  • It includes a second seat, a cup holder, two belly bars, and a universal car seat adaptor that fits over ten different car seats.
  • It take about 40 minutes to put together. The instructions are clear.
  • There’s lots more head and legroom in this stroller, as compared to other tandem strollers.
  • The basket on this stroller is massive.
  • The stroller is very easy to push and maneuver for a tandem.
  • It has three different reclining positions.
  • The harness clasps get the job done, but they aren’t the best.
  • The black frame is very elegant.
  • The canopies provide a lot of coverage, and this is great when your child is trying to sleep.
  • There is a mesh pocket in each seat to hold bottles or other items.
  • It works well for parents who are taller.
  • The adult cup holder won’t hold bigger water bottles.
  • It’s a little longer than other tandems.

#2 – ZOE Umbrella XL2

  • This is super light weight (16 lbs) and can easily maneuvered with one hand. It’s perfect for traveling because it folds up easily.
  • The company has great customer service. ZOE will fix or replace your wheels, for life, if they break.
  • You can attach a lot of extra accessories (two child cup holders, a snack cup, a front belly bar, and a parent cup holder).
  • It fits through most doors, customs lines at airports, but doesn’t fit through the grocery store checkout aisle. For the tight fits, you can take off the adult cup holder.
  • It can accommodates children with size and age differences.
  • It has good suspension, large canopies, and an easy brake system.
  • Kids can get in and out of it easily easily.
  • Kids sleep great in it due to the deep 135 degree reclining seat.
  • Sometimes you’ll accidentally hit the brake bar when going over bumps on streets, this is annoying.
  • Safety buckles can be hard to unlatch and get jammed a lot. It has to be baby proof, but it’s still hard to operate.
  • A strap would make it easier to carry.
  • When it’s folded it barely balances on its own and falls down easily.
  • You can load tons of things into the stroller because it’s so light.

#3 – Baby Trend Sit N Stand

  • It weighs about 40 lbs.
  • It’s very sturdy and well built. It will last a long time.
  • It steers fine if you are going straight, on a smooth surface, but if you’re turning or going on a bumpy spot it’s difficult to control.
  • The basket underneath is big, but sometimes it’s hard to get stuff to fit inside because the foot rest for the back seat is in the way.
  • The oldest kid can stand or sit (depending on their preference).
  • It’s easy to put together. All you have to do is put on the wheels and canopy.
  • You can have an infant and rider or two riders or a rider with a child using the sit and stand.
  • The color is nice and neutral.
  • The parent cup holders and little storage bin are great. Also, there’s a small compartment that latches shut for the parents’ cell phone and keys.
  • Both seats have a tray and you don’t have to purchase the second one separately.
  • It folds for easy storage and travel, but It is difficult to fold down all the way. It takes a lot of manpower to fold completely.

#4 – Graco Ready2grow Connect LX

  • It’s really easy to fold and can be done with one hand.
  • It weights just 33 lbs (that’s heavy relative to a side-by-side, but very light for a tandem).
  • It offers twelve riding options (click here to see what I’m talking about).
  • It really is very easy to fold and unfold. The stroller is 53 inches long when folded. All you have to do is remove the front canopy and the tray and then it becomes 41 inches in length. This takes about 10 seconds.
  • Both seats can be removed and are machine washable.
  • It navigates smoothly indoors and on pavement. Dirt roads are fine for short periods, but definitely not ideal.
  • Both canopies can turn almost 180 degree.
  • The basket below gives tons of storage for diapers or groceries.
  • It would be nice if the rear seat could  face forward too.
  • There are plastic feet next to the rear wheels that stick out. Their purpose is to let the stroller to stand up once it is folded. BUT you’ll kick it often while pushing and it gets annoying.
  • Adults have a tray with a moving cup holder.
  • You have the option to take the rear seat out and have a nice padded bench or a standing surface for the bigger kid.
  • It takes around 20 minutes to put together. You need is a screwdriver for two screws, and then everything else just clicks together.
  • The back seat will always have enough leg room, but it’s the one that can be removed for sit and standing section.
  • The seats barely recline.
  • The front foot rest falls off occasionally.


If you have twins, you’re a frequent traveler, or just want something light weight, the ZOE side-by-side stroller is the way to go.

If you have different aged children and you’re looking for the best stroller on the market (for the value), I have no doubt the Contours tandem is the way to go. The Baby Trend and the Graco are great options too (they’re in my top four), but the Contours stands above them.

Thanks for checking out my overview of the best double strollers.